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When working with metals or other tough materials, it is very important to have the right tools. Whether you are constructing a steel building; restoring a classic car; working with hardwood, rebar, tile, or stucco; routing out mortar; or performing other similar tasks, having the right tools will make you complete the tasks efficiently and in time too. One of the invaluable tools that can make such tasks mentioned above easier is the angle grinder.

Angle grinders are rightly considered as one of the most versatile tools in construction and craftworks. From cutting to polishing, sanding, and sharpening, the utility of the angle grinder is limited only by your imagination. There is a wide range of tasks you can perform with these little tools and anyone that knows what they are capable of will always have them in their workshops. They are also great for different kinds of DIY home project and buying one will be a meaningful investment for a homeowner or hobbyist to make.

If you are desirous of pushing your craft to the next level, buying a great angle grinder is one of the right things to do. To get all the benefits it can offer you will have to find the very best grinder for the job you intend to use it for. This can be challenging considering that there are so many models available on the market today. To make it easier for you, we have gone deep to research the best available options on the market at the moment. We will also discuss some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing any angle grinder.

Our Top 7 Picks

If you are thinking of buying an angle grinder that will be valuable to you, here are seven of the very best products to consider at the moment:

1. Makita 9557PBX1 Paddle Switch Cut-Off Angle Grinder

Makita 9557PBX1 Paddle Switch Cut-Off Angle Grinder

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This is an industrial-grade angle grinder that can handle almost anything you will want to throw at an angle grinder. It is specially designed with a powerful motor for all kinds of cutting, grinding, and polishing applications. It is also very comfortable to use with lots of incredible features that guarantee excellent performance. The all-ball bearing design and metal gear housing ensure that the device is durable.

The Makita 9557PBX1 features a powerful 7.5 amp motor that is powerful enough to handle all kinds of industrial applications. It delivers 11,000 RPM, with soft start for smooth start-ups. It also has several features that enhance its performance such as the 4 – 4 1/2 grinding wheels, diamond wheel, paddle switch, and more. It is also easy and comfortable to use: the extra-large paddle switch supports comfortable operation while the lock-on/off feature encourages continuous operation. Another interesting feature is the alternative power source that allows you to switch between AC and DC with a switch that is conveniently located on the side of the motor housing. This is also an affordable angle grinder.

2. DEWALT DW402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

DEWALT DWE402 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

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Dewalt is one of the most trusted brands in the industry for the quality of its products. This is arguably the best angle grinder they have made and can stand its ground against any model out there. The design is not different from what you can expect from a top-quality angle grinder but the performance will leave you excited every time you use it. Most verified buyers/users are gushing about how wonderfully it performs across a wide variety of projects.

This excellent angle grinder comes with a powerful brushless 11-Amp motor that can deliver a speed of 11,000 RPM; this is by far one of the most powerful 4.5-Inch models, by all standards. Its outstanding power-to-weight ratio results in superior productivity. Working with the device is also easy; the Quick-Check Wheel Release allows tool-free wheel removal. It also features a One-Touch guard, wrench, and two-position sided handle. It is also a highly durable tool.

3. Milwaukee 2780-20 M18

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Angle Grinder

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When it comes to the most powerful yet portable grinders for industrial applications, this model from Milwaukee will stand tall against any other model on the market. It will get things done in all circumstances: even if there is no power in your job site, the charged battering will let you work efficiently for a long time. It is easy to handle and use with lots of incredible features. It has a padded, ergonomically designed side handle and a narrow grip on the body. It is also very durable, all thanks to the materials it was made from and the design.

The Milwaukee 2780-20, which is a cordless grinder, will deliver the power of a corded grinder with about 2x more running power. The M18 Fuel 4-1/2″ /5″ grinder will supply maximum sustained power to complete the toughest grinding, cutting, or polishing task you will throw at it. 4.5″ and 5″ cutting and grinding discs can be used, depending on the task at hand. The only downside to this is the fact that you will have to buy the nonstandard battery separately. It is highly valuable, nonetheless.

4. Metabo W9- 115 8.5 Amp 10,500 RPM Angle Grinder with Lock-On Sliding Switch

Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder

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This is an incredible angle grinder that is light enough for single-hand operation, yet powerful enough for the toughest tasks you will handle in a workshop or job site. It is a very reliable tool that is perfectly designed for hassle-free usage for an extended period without causing user fatigue or injury. It is comfortable to hold and easy to use: the tool-less adjustment design with 7 locking positions is simply impressive.

The Metabo W9- 115 8.5 Amp angle cutter is one of the best corded options you can find. It can provide a speed of up to 10,500 RPM, which will let you complete tasks as quickly as possible in an efficient manner. It is also suitable for AC and DC operation. The Metabo LongLife motor offers more torque than regular angle grinders. The gear housing can be rotated 90 degrees for comfort and left-handed operation.

5. Hitachi G12SS2 5.1-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Hitachi G12SS2 Angle Grinder

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This is a small-sized corded grinder that you will love to add to your collections. Despite being a compact and lightweight angle grinder, this model offers excellent performance and durability. It is perfect for several applications in metal works and masonry. It is easy and comfortable to use with many helpful features. It features a smaller grip diameter, which contributes to more control and less fatigue during an extended period of use.

The Hitachi G12SS2 features a powerful 5.1 amp motor with the power output up to 700 W. The motor has a unique design that contributes to well-balanced operation and ensures that there is no excessive heating, which is important for the long life of the angle grinder. Other impressive features of this little tool include the spindle lock that allows for easy and quick accessory changes; the trigger lock-on that allows continuous operation; and the considerably big integrated dust blower fan that efficiently removes dust and debris.

6. PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool

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This is perfect for individuals that are on a budget but still want an angle grinder that will perform satisfactorily. It is okay for basic grinding, sanding, brushing, and cutting operations. It is a well-made tool that will deliver in the tasks it is made to handle. One of the few spectacular things about this device is the fact that the side handle can be fixed in three positions – left, right, and top. This allows users to work comfortably for an extended period.

The PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder features a 7 Amp motor that can deliver as high as 11,000 RPM, which is okay for some tough materials. There is a tool-free guard for fast and easy adjustments when using the grinder. There is also a non-locking paddle switch for additional control and safety. Thanks to the cast metal gear case, this tool is durable.

7. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

BLACK DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

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This is the most affordable angle tool but it is not the least. Coming from one of the top industry players, it is a reliable tool that can perform an array of tasks in the workshop and different job sites. It is a sleek and versatile tool that is wonderfully designed for improved performance. Thanks to the media gear case, this is also a durable angle grinder.

With a 6.5 Amp motor, this small grinder has enough power to complete most tasks in your workshop or job sites. The motor is capable of delivering 10,000 RPM, which will allow users to complete most tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Several other important features make this tool brilliant: the 3 position side handle improves control and comfort while the spindle lock allows for easy accessory changes. This affordable grinder also comes with metal grinding wheel, spanner wrench, and wheel guard.

How to choose the best angle grinder

There are so many manufacturers releasing different models of angle grinders daily. With lots of options to consider, choosing one can be very difficult. Even though we have reviewed the best seven products that you can buy right away, there are still things you need to know to be properly guided. This is the goal of this section.

Factors to consider when choosing an angle grinder

With the best angle grinders on the market reviewed already, it is easier for you to just pick one. It is also important, however, that you understand how to make the right choice. There are some important factors you need to consider before choosing any product over another. Here are the most important factors to consider before picking an angle grinder:

Your specific need

The very first thing to consider before choosing any tool is the use you are going to put it to. While there are so many versatile angle grinders that are ideal for home use and heavy-duty industrial application, there are some that will only be okay for home use. You need to understand the nature of the work you will do with an angle grinder and buy one that will be suitable.


Angle grinders are very important tools and it is recommended that you buy the ones that are produced by a reputable company. There are several well-known brands in the industry and it is safer to buy from them.

Motor power and disc speed (Amp and RPM)

The performance you will get from any angle grinder will depend on the power of the motor and the disc speed it can deliver. Power is expressed in Amplitude (Amp) while the disc speed is expressed in revolution per minute (RPM). The interaction of these two metrics will determine the torque you can get from the tool, which determines what it can or cannot do. Grinders with more power are preferred because they can handle most tasks. High speed is necessary for completing tasks promptly.

Other Important Features

There are additional features you may find in angle grinders that offer different benefits. Such features as AC/DC switching, lock-on switch, three-position side handles, tool-less guard adjustment and others improve the experience users get when using angle drivers. You should also consider the presence or absence of such features.

Things that come with the package

You also need to look at the number of accessories that come with any tool you want to buy. Consider if there will be a need for you to buy additional things like battery before using your tool or if some packs are included in the package. Valuable tools come in packages that have all you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really important to keep the wheel guard on at all times?

Yes, it is absolutely important that you keep the wheel guard on whenever you are using the machine. Some people take them off when they are working on awkward angles; this is something you should never do. Keep the guard on always – it is even advisable that you buy models that feature tool-less guard adjustment.

Are cordless angle drivers as good as the corded ones?

Corded and cordless grinders have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no need to say that one is better than the other. It all depends on how you use the tool. If, for instance, you are going to be using your angle grinder for extended periods, corded models are preferred. If you are a hobbyist that will need the tool for shorter periods, cordless models will be just fine.

Do you really need the safety gear while using the angle grinders?

Absolutely, you need your safety gear on anything you are working with the angle grinder. You need your safety glasses or face shield, work gloves, and clothing that can withstand sparks. They are very necessary for your safety.

Can angle grinders be used to cut metals?

The simple answer is yes, many angle grinders can be used to cut metals. In fact, they do this efficiently. All you need to do is to get the right cut-off wheel to and use a powerful angle grinder.

Wrapping up

Knowing that an angle grinder is a very important tool, it is important that you shop carefully whenever you need one. We have done the bulk of the work for you by reviewing the best 7 of this versatile tool that you can buy straight away. We have also discussed the most important features to consider when choosing one. All the products here are highly rated so you can confidently choose anyone you know will meet your needs.

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