Best Beverage Refrigerators

A beverage refrigerator is one of the best appliances you can have around your home or office if you prefer taking your beer or soda while chilled.

Like any other electrical appliance, you’ll want to get the right unit when the time comes.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top 7 best beverage refrigerators and included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision.

Our Top 7 Picks

1. NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

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If you love to take your canned beverages chilled, then the NewAir AB-1200 is your perfect choice for a beverage cooler.

What impresses most about this refrigerator is that it has plenty of space for customization especially in the bottom storage where you can store your wine bottles and other large bottles.

With a storage space of 3.4 cubic feet this unit can hold up to 126 beverage cans. In addition to this, it packs five easy to remove chrome racks where you can fit bottles and cans of different sizes. The racks are constructed with metal for enhanced durability and longevity.

What’s more, it comes with an adjustable temperature control that lets you set the desired temperature in a range of 7 settings. The NewAir refrigerator can cool down your beverage to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it’s way cooler than most other average beverage coolers in this list.

To complement your home decor, the fridge features a stylish Black and stainless steel design. This makes it blend well with most of your kitchen equipment.

It also works silently without causing any disturbance and it’s free standing design makes it fit well in many spaces.

2. Avallon ABR151SGRH

Avallon ABR151SGRH Beverage Cooler

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Avallon beverage cooler is one of the coolest units available in the market today. This unit features a front ventilation system and has a temperature range of between the 34 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite ideal for keeping your drinks chilled especially during the summer.

The Avalon beverage cooler can function both as a freestanding unit and a built-in unit. Its interior is also good-looking and is augmented by a set of LED lights that change color from white to blue making it easy to spot your favorite drink even when it’s dark.

This beverage cooler can pack up to 86 cans of beverage and comes along with 3 sanded glass shelves.  To safeguard your refreshments, this unit adds a true lock key. There’s also a touch control handle that works hand in hand with the compressor to keep your beverages chilled at the preset temperatures.

Its design also features a double paneled glass door that’s filled with argon gas in between it for enhanced insulation. Along with this, the door is made of seamless steel lining for added durability.

The unit’s operates silently and you can barely notice it when it’s turned on. This makes it ideal for use in office settings or in the dorm.

3. EdgeStar 62-Can Cooler

EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler

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This small-sized beverage cooler offers the capabilities of most average sized beverage coolers in a limited space.

With a storage capacity of 62 beverage cans, the EdgeStar beverage cooler is able to chill your drinks at a range of between 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the powerful compressor based cooling system.

Furthermore, it features a removable double-paned glass door and a removable slide-out chrome coated shelf. The removable shelf makes it easy to clean and pack your beverages. Besides that you can manually defrost this freezer.

Best of all, this unit is freestanding and can be placed in any location within your house including the bedroom because it produces little noise.

4. HomeLabs 120 Can Mini Fridge

HomeLabs 120 Can Mini Fridge

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Just like the name suggests, this mini fridge conveniently holds up to 120 cans of beverage or up to 60 standard-sized bottles of wine.

This modern electric beverage cooler features a 3.2 cubic feet of space and its internal storage design is equipped with 3 chrome plated adjustable and removable shelves. This design makes it easy to customize on the storage space.

What’s more, it’s free-standing nature and the glass front door allows you to see through it making it easy for you to see your beverages at a glance. This is further augmented by the blue interior LED lights that illuminates through the transparent glass door making it easy for you to select your beverage even when it’s dark or at night.

In terms of controls, this mini fridge has the capability to cool your beverage 34 degrees Fahrenheit by just adjusting the touch temperature control displayed on the large digital control system. This allows faster and automatic monitoring of temperature changes.

The device also features a memory function feature that helps restore the preset temperature in case there’s a power outage or when the fridge is unplugged from the power source.

The beverage cooler has an energy rating of 240 Watts, which means it’s quite energy efficient. Best of all, this unit operates silently hence a suitable choice for students in dormitories or individuals in office settings.

5. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

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Danby 120 is one of those beverage fridges that you require when you have friends around.

This average-sized beverage Centre can hold up to 120-cans and has 3.3 cubic feet of space. This is enough space for you to keep enough drinks for you and your buddies when watching that game on a Sunday afternoon.

Aside from capacity, its design features stainless steel stainless steel accents that blend well with your decor. The same goes for the interior, which is well illuminated by the blue LED lights making it easy to view your beverages even when it’s dark.

The beverage center can also keep your drinks chilled at a temperature range of between 43 degrees Fahrenheit and 57 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to the mechanical thermostat.

This fridge also adds an integrated lock system that helps keep little kids away from your beverages. Other noticeable features that you’ll like about this freezer include a recessed segment door, tempered glass door, and its energy consumption efficiency.

6. Kalamera Beverage Cooler 96 Can

Kalamera Beverage Cooler 96 Can

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The Kalamera is perfectly designed to occupy less space such that you can use it literally anywhere, even inside a man cave.

This compact size beverage cooler takes very little floor space and has a height of 33.9 inches. With such a space, the Kalamera still manages to pack up to 96 cans of your favorite beverages.

It also features an elegant design with accents of stainless steel which makes it blend well with both the packed beverages and also with your home interior decor. The blue LED interior lighting adds elegance and stylishness inside the fridge. The interior is also well organized and features six removable wire racks that allow you to pack your drinks systematically.

This freezer operates silently thanks to the advanced compressors that help maintain the temperatures at the range of between 38 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit with lesser stops and starts.

In addition to the compressors, the Karamela comes with the temperature memory function that helps restore the preset temperature when there is a power failure. This feature prevents your beverages from going bad when temperature increases.

7. Kuppet 120-Can Beverage Cooler

KUPPET 120-Can Beverage Cooler

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The Kuppet beverager cooler combines compactness and simplicity.  With a storage capacity of 3.1 cubic feet, Kuppet can hold up to 120 cans of beverage.

In terms of design and construction, this beverage cooler is fitted with a tempered glass window that allows you to see your beer or soda at a glance while allowing maximum insulation.

The tempered glass window is also well protected with stainless steel frame which makes it even more elegant. Its interior is fitted with two removable and detachable chrome shelves that make it easy to make room for bigger bottles and cans of various shapes and sizes.

The fridge runs on a quiet but powerful compressor that does not bother users with its noise. Moreover, it has flexible temperature settings that chills your beverages at a temperature range of between 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its compact free-standing design is also a plus because you can store it practically anywhere. Other features you’ll love about this freezer include the adjustable levelling legs, the defrosting function and the sophisticated black design with stainless steel.

How to choose the best beverage refrigerator

A refrigerator is an investment that you don’t want to go wrong with. While there are many things to ponder before selecting one it’s important that you consider the following tips.

The kind of drinks you want to store

Decide on the kind of drinks that you want to be storing. Do you want to be storing soda and beer only? Or do you want to include wine? These questions will help you determine the kind of beverage cooler you want.

Some beverage cooler models are only designed to store cans of beer and soda. However, there are dual-zone beverage coolers that can handle both beverage cans and wine but in different compartments.

Storage capacity

Beverage refrigerators come in varying sizes. While most average sized beverage refrigerators will serve your home or office needs, you’ll need to select a unit that can hold between 60 to 100 cans at best if you’re not planning on restocking regularly – or if you have to entertain a large group of people in your home or office. A beverage cooler with a large capacity will prevent you from running out of stock while enabling you to keep several items chilled at once.


The next thing is deciding where you want to place your beverage refrigerator once you purchase it. While small units can fit in tight spots such as the kitchen countertops, you’ll require more space for a larger unit.

Indoor or Outdoor

The next thing you want to know is whether your fridge can be housed outdoors or indoors. If your plan is to frequently entertain guests in your backyard, a good choice will be to place it outside.

Outdoor models feature a stainless steel construction and are generally studier. They also make a wonderful addition to your patio or swimming pool area.

Freestanding or Built-in

Do you want a built-in unit or a freestanding unit? While this is a preferential decision, freestanding units offer more flexibility because they can be installed anywhere as long as there is an electrical power supply. On the other hand, built-in units are only meant for installation in pre-existing spaces.

Energy efficiency

The next important thing that you want to know is whether the unit that you are about to purchase is energy efficient. While there are many models that will claim to be energy efficient on paper, the best thing is to do your own due diligence and confirm whether they bear the Energy Star emblem.

Safety Locks

Consider a beverage refrigerator with a safety lock feature. This feature is especially useful in keeping minors away from alcoholic beverages or cheeky buddies from terrorizing your stock.

Digital LED lights

Of course you want an energy-efficient interior. LED lights are more longer-lasting and energy efficient.

Adjustable shelves

Consider a beverage refrigerator that has adjustable shelves. Adjustable shelves help you to customize the shelf height hence allowing you more space to fit your beverages.

Digital controls

While this should not be a major determining factor, it’s only fair to say that digital readouts are easy to operate.

Beverage Refrigerator FAQs

What’s the difference between a beverage refrigerator and the regular refrigerator?

While both are meant for cooling, the beverage refrigerator is engineered explicitly for holding beverage products such as beer cans and sodas. The beverage refrigerator is also smaller in size.

Can a freestanding unit be built into a cabinet?

No! You cannot. This is because a freestanding unit requires 3-5 inches of extra space both on the sides and on the top to dissipate heat. So building it into a cabinet could cause the fridge to overheat.

How cold can beverage cooling units get?

Most beverage cooling units have a cooling temperature range of between 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you clean a beverage refrigerator?

You can either auto defrost or manually defrost the refrigerator by unplugging it from the power source. Auto defrost unit use internal heating coils that melt away any ice build-up. While this feature is quite convenient, it consumes a lot of power. You can then use a wet towel to clean up any stains.

Are they noisy?

No, the noise levels are manageable. Unless there’s a problem with the refrigerator, you’ll only hear a humming sound.

Wrapping up

Beverage refrigerators ensure that your drinks are kept chilled and ready-to-drink whenever you need them. So it’s up to you to select the best beverage refrigerator that specifically fits with your needs. We hope that this guide will go a long way in helping you make this huge investment decision.

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