Best Car Power Inverters

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed to charge your phone or laptop while driving, then you know how inconvenient and sometimes annoying it can be.

And since most cars don’t have an inbuilt power converter, buying a power inverter is the only ideal solution.

However, because of so many brands flooding the market with their different models, choosing the best car power inverter that fits well with your needs can be a daunting task.

In this guide, we will give you the 10 best car power inverters and factors that you should consider before investing in one.

Our Top 10 Picks

1. BESTEK 300 Watts

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

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If you are looking for a compact power inverter that comes with unnecessary bulkiness, then Bestek 300 is worth a shot. This inverter bridges the gap between affordability and efficiency.

As the name suggests, this inverter is rated at 300 watts and reaches peak power at 700 Watts. This makes it ideal for charging your smartphone, laptop or act as a source of power for other portable electrical devices such as blenders and portable fridges.

Just like most car power inverters, Bestek 300 comes with a permanent plug that attaches effortlessly into the cigarette lighter along with 2 USB cables and 2 AC outlets.

In terms of design, the inverter is built in a sturdy aluminum metal housing that protects it against bumps and drops and also includes a cooling fan that helps in cooling the device.

The device also incorporates a 40-amps fuse that protects the inverter in case of short-circuiting, overloads, and overcharging. One important selling point with this device is that the manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty so you can have it replaced in case of any defects.

2. Foval 200W

Foval 200W Car Power Inverter

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Foval 200W is a simple car power inverter engineered for light-duty power supply. Rated at 200W, this inverter comes with 4 USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets and 2 AC outlets for charging your laptop, breast pump, and other electronic devices.

In terms of durability, the inverter is built with a durable metal housing that offers protection from bumps and drops. Moreover, the device integrates a smart cooling fan that ensures that the inverter stays cool and silent when in operation.

The appliance also comes with a built-in fuse that ensures that all connected appliances stay protected in case of short-circuiting, excess-voltage, overload, over-heating, or over-charge.

Another feature is the LED indicator that indicates green when the inverter is in operation and red when the inverter fails to operate. In addition to this, the item comes with an 18-months worry-free warranty.

3. Bestek 300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Bestek 300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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The Bestek 300W Pure Sine Wave is a state-of-the-art car power inverter designed to power devices that require careful protection.

This car inverter provides 300Watts of continuous DC power to AC pure sine wave and has the capability reach up to 700watts when operating at its peak making it ideal for charging multiple electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones while on the go.

The appliance also equips two smart USB charging ports with Smart IC technology that automatically detect your device and deliver the fastest charging speeds 2.4amps per port enabling you to charge two smartphones simultaneously.

Furthermore, the device comes with a durable cigarette lighter that fits effortlessly into the lighter socket of your car and an advanced protection system with an inbuilt 40 amp fuse that automatically turns off the inverter when it’s overheating or overloading.

Other features include an aluminum housing for faster dissipation of heat and an ultra-compact design for easy storage. This product’s warranty spans for 18months so you don’t have to worry in case of any faults after purchase.

4. Energizer 500W

Energizer 500W

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The Energizer 500W is another compact car power converter on this line up that performs fairly well when it comes to power delivery.

With a power rating of 500Watts, the Energizer 500W adds a peak power rating of 1000Watts, which means it delivers more than enough power output to handle power needs for small electronic gadgets such as laptops and smartphones.

The inverter also equips an ultra-silent thermal fan that ensures that the device runs smoothly without overheating. It also adds four USB ports for charging your mobile devices which deliver 2.4amps each and Dual 120V AC outlets for handling power requirements of larger devices not exceeding 500Watts.

The inverter also includes a cigarette lighter cord, battery clip cables, and a 24 months warranty.

5. POTEK 5000W


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If you require more power on the go, you can never go wrong with POTEK 5000w.

This inverter delivers 5000watts of continuous power and offers a maximum power output of 10000Watts surge power ideal for charging a cell phone and other electric devices with a higher power requirement such as air compressors, coffee makers, and electric motor saw.

The inverter also incorporates a smart cooling fan that keeps the inverter silent and cool when it starts to heat up. In addition to this, the device features two USB ports for charging low power consumption electronic gadgets and 4AC outlets for powering high power consumption gadgets.

When it comes to safety, the inverter adds a multi-protection feature that protects against overloads, overheating, and short-circuiting. Buyers also get an 18-month warranty period.

6. BMK 200W

BMK 200W

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Designed with a touch of class, this portable car power inverter has the capability of continuously converting DC to AC while delivering 200Watts of power, which is just enough power for charging small electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones.

The device also features two AC outlets and 4 USB ports each with a potential of delivering 6.2Amps which is quite convenient for simultaneous charging.

Moving on, the inverter comes with an intelligent LCD display screen that displays your car battery’s voltage and that of your charging device once the cigarette lighter plug is connected into the lighter socket.

Other features that this inverter boasts include a safety feature to protect against overheating and overloading and a silent cooling fan that makes the device operate silently and without overheating. The best thing about this device is that it offers a lifetime quality warranty.

7. EPAuto 300W

EPAuto 300W

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The EPAuto 300 is a great choice for car drivers who want power at an affordable cost.

Rated at 300Watts, the EPAuto car power converter is able to convert 12V DC to 110V providing enough power source to power your smartphone, laptop, DVD, and other electronic devices.

The inverter features two AC outlets and two USB ports each with a capacity of delivering 2.1A, which is enough power for charging your smartphone, game consoles, and tablet.

When it comes to design, the EPAuto 300 features an ultra-compact design for easy storage and an aluminum built body to protect against bumps and drops. Furthermore, the device adds a cooling fan to ensure it stays silent when in operation and also to keep it from overheating.

8. NDDI 1500W Car Power Invertor

NDDI 1500W Car Power Invertor

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This car power inverter offers 1500Watt of continuous power and 3000Watts of instantaneous power hence ideal for powering electronic devices with a higher power rating.

The device also features 2 USB ports each delivering 3.1A for charging your mobile phones and iPad and 2 AC outlets for charging your laptop and other electronic gadgets.

What’s more, the device adds a highly efficient safety feature that includes 4 replaceable fuses and 2 in-built silent cooling fans that help keep your devices safe in case of high-voltage, overloading, over-heating, or short-circuiting.

The device is also well designed to fit in small compartments and is fitted with a sturdy metallic housing to protect it from bumps and drops. Buyers also enjoy an 18 month warranty period.

9. Maxboost 300W

Maxboost 300W

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The Maxboost is another exceptionally powerful car power inverter that offers numerous industry-standard features. Just as the name suggests, the inverter delivers continuous 300Watts of power and 700Watts of instantaneous power.

Like most other inverters in the competition, the device features two 110V AC outlets that you can use to charge your laptop and power other devices and two USB ports that deliver 2.4A for charging your smartphone.

Moving on, the device adds two smart USB ports built with m-SMART chip technology that automatically detect connected devices to deliver maximum power output.

The gadget’s design is also ultra-compact making it easy to carry around and store and on top of that it comes with a universal cigarette lighter plug with a 24-inch long cable that connects effortlessly in any vehicle. The housing is made from sturdy metallic material to protect it from bumps and drops.

Of course, this inverter also comes with safety features to protect against overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging. Buyers also get a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

10. Foval 150W

Foval 150W

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Designed for simplicity and portability, this inverter forms the perfect companion for drivers who require just enough power to keep their phones or laptops running.

With a power rating of 150Watts, this inverter comes with one-110V AC outlet for charging your laptop and powering other electronic devices and Dual USB ports with a max total output of 3.1A for charging mobile phones and tablets.

Moreover, the inverter is constructed with a sturdy aluminum casing to protect it from dents and falls. Its small size also ensures that it fits well in your bag when packaging and anywhere in your vehicle without causing interferences.

The device also fits in a silent cooling fan for cooling and a built-in fuse for protection in case of overloads, short-circuiting, and overheating.

How to choose the best car power inverter

Here are some factors to consider when buying a car power inverter.


Before you buy a car power inverter, it’s vital to first determine your power needs. Sometimes you might overtax your car battery leading to a load of problems in the vehicles electrical system. Consider the number of devices you’ll be constantly plugging into your inverter and their power requirements. For instance, if your need for an inverter is to only charge your phone and laptop. Then a 150-300Watts inverter will suffice. However, if you are planning to use the inverter to power your coffee maker you’ll need an inverter with at least 1000watts.

Peak or continuous output

The next thing you’ll need to consider is the difference between peak and continuous power output. When we talk of continuous power output we imply the inverters limit for normal operation. On the other hand, peak output is the power the inverter delivers due to demand. If your devices draw a joint total of 300 watts and your inverters rating is 300Watts continuous output rating, then you’ll need to reconsider and choose another inverter with a higher peak rating.


Consider the number of gadgets that you need to connect to your inverter. Most inverters come with two or more USB ports and one or more AC outlet. The number of ports on the inverter should allow you to charge different devices at the same time.


When shopping for an inverter, it’s vital that you prioritize on the one that includes safety features that protect against overheating, overloading, electrical faults, and short-circuiting.

Cable length

Before making a purchase ensure that all the cables are included. You do not want to buy your inverter and then start shopping again for cable. Also, consider the length of the cables and their durability. This will determine where you’ll place the inverter and whether they’ll get to the battery from the installation point.

Final thoughts

Inverters offer a source of household power. Therefore, selecting the best car power inverter can go a long way in saving you many unexpected inconveniences.  We hope that the above guide will help you choose as well as educate you on some of the important factors you’ll need to keep in mind before making any purchase.

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