Best Concrete Mixers

The concrete mixer is one of the most important machines in the construction industry. In modern construction works, there is nobody that will like to work without them. The way cement and other construction materials are mixed will significantly determine the quality of the job. There is no better way to achieve this than using a good concrete mixer.

A good concrete mixer will help engineers and construction workers blend cement, sand, gravel and water most efficiently. Depending on the nature of the job, cement and other important construction materials will be deposited in the mixers for proper blending. The machine will mix the materials properly, ready for pouring or placing. There is no better way to obtain great concrete mixes besides using a good concrete mixer. The machine will not just mix the materials but will keep it ready for hours on end.

Using a concrete mixer offers a lot of advantages. Asides from making sure that cement and other materials are properly mixed, the machine saves time and manpower. It will also minimize the wastage of materials significantly. On the long run, using a concrete mixer for projects will save cost. All these benefits will only be complete when you buy a good concrete mixer.

Our Top 7 Picks

Thinking of buying a concrete mixer? It is important that you take your time to buy a good one. With so many models available today, it can be difficult to choose one. Here, however, is a review of 7 of the best concrete mixers you can buy today:

1. YARDMAX YM0046 1.6 CU. Ft. Concrete Mixer

YARDMAX YM0046 Concrete Mixer

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This is one great concrete mixer that is popular among users. It is known for its overall great features and reliable rugged performance. It is a tough mixer that will get the job done in any kind of weather. It is also very easy to assemble and use. Overall, the mixer combines practicality and performance in a manner that is ideal for everyone from homeowners to professional contractors.

The YARDMAX YN0046 is a 1.6 cubic feet concrete mixer that features a solid steel drum that will stand the test of time. It also features IP45 Wash-down certified electric motor and gearbox. The fact that it is powered by factory assembled electric motor means it can be easily installed. A single knowledgeable individual will assemble it in just about 30 minutes. It is a very safe concrete mixer, thanks to the YARDMAX exclusive safety guard that encloses the ring and pinion gear. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

2. SUNCOO 1/2 HP 2.5 Cu Ft. Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

SUNCOO Electric Concrete Cement Mixer

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This is one portable concrete mixer that will surprise you with its versatility. It can handle anything from stucco, mortar, or concrete with ease. An excellent companion for the professional contractor, this portable mixer will make things a lot easier in any construction site. It can also be used for farm applications such as seed inoculation and feed mixing.

With its industrial-grade steel frame, this 2.5 cubic feet wonder is a reliable cement mixer that meets the CE certification. It is stable and clearly durable. The gross drum volume is 70 liters but it will handle mixed wet volume of 30 liters without any issues.  The premium motor has a copper coil and offers strong power and high efficiency. It is also very safe to use, thanks to the thickened inner wall and the fact that it is shockproof. It also has rubber wheels for easy movement.

3. Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer, 6 cu ft, 115V, 3/4HP (600DD)

Kushlan Wheelbarrow Mixer

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This is one of the highest-rated concrete mixers on the market. It is a well-built machine with all the right features to make concrete mixing easier and better. It features a large, durable polyethylene drum of 28-inch diameter and an 18-inch drum opening, which is clearly generous. It can take as much as 6 cubic feet of cement. It will reliably keep your mixed concrete material in the right smooth liquid form since it rotates up to 28 times per minute.

The Kushlan 600DD cement mixer performs excellently in all conditions: its major components are weatherproof. In addition to offering exceptional performance, the machine is easy to use. Some other features you will love include the telescoping handles, heavy steel frame, locking system pin, and three adjustable blades. It also has free rubber wheels for easy movement. Overall, it is an excellent concrete machine that is most suitable for professional contractors.

4. Northern Industrial Portable Electric Cement Mixer

Northern Industrial Portable Electric Cement Mixer

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This is a portable concrete mixer that will be very helpful for homeowners that like to handle certain tasks around the home. It is a professional grade mixer, however, and will be very helpful for contractors when it comes to handling small concrete projects from time to time. It is quite versatile and will handle anything including stucco, mortar and concrete. As a portable 4.1cubic feet capacity concrete mixer, this will be a perfect addition to the collection of a true professional contractor.

This general duty electric cement mixer performs satisfactorily under different conditions. It has a powerful 120V AC motor. With a drum speed of 30 rotations per minute, it will keep your concrete mix in the right condition for hours. Its rugged steel construction means it will be durable when handled the right way. It also features solid rubber wheels that ease movement. Overall, this portable mixer is convenient and will be very valuable to buyers.

5. Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer 1/2HP 2.2 Cubic ft. Barrow Machine

Goplus electric cement concrete mixer

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This is a heavy-duty machine that is perfect for several different application. The professional contractor will find it very useful in mixing concrete for all kinds of projects. It is also perfect for stucco and mortar mixing. In farms, this machine can also be used for inoculating seeds and mixing feeds. With its solid steel construction, this is clearly a durable machine: the thickness of the welding mixing blades is 0.06-inches.

This Goplus electric concrete mixer is powered by a heavy-duty motor with heavy-duty direct drive gearbox. The drum capacity is 63 liters while the drum speed is 27.5 RPM, which improves running time and stability. It also has a switch and safety lock, which is very easy to use. It has two rubber wheels that make movement easy on any road condition at all. Overall, this is a powerful machine that is easy and convenient to use for concrete projects and other applications.

6. YARDMAX YM0115 4.0 Cu. Ft. Concrete Mixer

YARDMAX YM0115 Concrete Mixer

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This is the second machine from YARDMAX on this list. It is a heavy-duty concrete mixer that will get the job done in the most effective manner. It is one of those wonderful machines that will save you time and energy when it comes to installation and use. Its factory-assembled motor drive box makes for easy and mess-free installation. This makes it easy for a single person to set it up and start using it within 30 minutes. Its low-profile height also makes it easy to pour concrete and maneuver around the job sites.

The YARDMAX YM0115 is a highly reliable machine that will consistently deliver rugged performance in any kind of weather. Its solid steel drum and IP45 wash-down certified electric motor and gearbox keep it steady through thick and thin. It is also very safe; the YARDMAX exclusive safety guard encloses the ring and pinion gear to protect operators and minimize risk in the job site. It is the perfect machine for contractors that handle projects in all kinds of outdoor terrains.

7. Lewis Lifetime Tools Lightening Pro Concrete Mixer

Lewis Lifetime Tools Lightening Pro Concrete Mixer

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If you want something different from the regular powered concrete mixers, this is the perfect little mixer to add to your collection. It is perfectly built to offer efficient concrete mixing without the expense and hassles of the powered concrete mixers. It is a great option for homeowners that always want to get things done for themselves. This is also an excellent handheld tool for a general contractor that handles different kinds of projects and need something smaller and more convenient than the powered mixers.

With the Lewis Lifetime Tools Lightening Pro, It will be a lot easier to mix concrete in barrows. It will save you the stress of dropping your shovel from time to time and picking up hose to add water to the mix. Precise water control ensures you obtain a perfect mix every time you use this simple tool. It will also help you finish your task in time as it mixes every batch thoroughly in half the time to do it the traditional way with shovel and water hose. It is also easy to carry about and will save space in your garage as well as on your truck.

How to choose the best concrete mixer

Finding the right concrete pump to buy can be a very difficult undertaking. Considering that there are so many models from many trustworthy manufacturers, combing through the available options to choose the right one to buy can be overwhelming for most people. That is exactly why articles like this exist; we help make the process easier for our readers and anyone that wants the best products. We have researched extensively to select the very best concrete mixtures out there so that you can pick the one that will help you perform concrete works more efficiently.

Factors to consider when choosing a concrete mixer

In selecting the products featured in this list, there are some important factors we took into consideration. It is also very important that we discuss these factors briefly so that you understand how to make the right decision when it comes to choosing products. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a concrete mixer:

The kind of projects you will handle with the machine

It is important that you buy a concrete mixer that will serve the purpose you bought it for. To be sure of this, you need to consider the kind of projects you hope to take on with the machine. If you need a mixer that you will use for little projects around your home, for instance, there will be no need to spend big to buy the heavy-duty machines used by contractors.

The frame

The frame is arguably one of the most important components of a concrete pump; it is actually the only part you have no hope of replacing if it breaks. It is important, therefore, that you buy a machine with a strong and durable frame. Steel frames are always better though there are mixers with aluminum frames that can be durable too.

The capacity of the drum

Drum sizes are normally measured in cubic feet. Depending on the kind of jobs you handle and the size of your team, it is important that you buy a mixer with the right drum capacity. If you handle very small projects and work alone, for instance, there is no need to buy mixers with very large drums.

The wheels

The wheels determine how easy it will be to move your concrete mixer and pour concrete in your job site. Many people erroneously overlook the wheel while making their decision. Know it that if you end up with a mixer that has terrible wheels, portability will be an issue and things will be difficult in your job sites.


Price is normally not a huge issue when it comes to buying concrete mixers. It is important, however, that you still consider the price of the machine you want to buy. If you must spend so much on a machine, make sure it has enough features to justify the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do concrete mixers work?

Concrete mixers generally use revolving drums to blend building materials into good concrete mixes. Once the materials are measured and feed into the mixer, it blends them into a perfect mix.

How do you use concrete mixers?

There is no particular way to use a concrete mixer. It is important that you read the manufacturer’s instruction, understand it and follow it diligently.

How long will a concrete mixer hold liquid concrete?

Though it is not advisable to leave concrete for too long in a concrete mixer, the machine can hold your concrete in a liquid state for a long while.

Are the handheld mixers also efficient?

Some little handheld concrete mixers are also very efficient. They are only recommended for small concrete project, however.

Wrapping up

Concrete mixers are of different types and sizes. Asides from the regular batch mixers, there are continuous mixers that are used in massive construction such as dams, bridges, etc. Contractors and DIY enthusiasts rely on powered concrete mixers. We have reviewed 7 of the best concrete mixers on the market here. These machines are powerful and reliable; they are highly rated by confirmed buyers who are already using them. You should buy with confidence, knowing they are the best.

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