Best Kegerators

Kegerators are an affordable way to enjoy a cold draft beer with family and friends at the comfort of your home.

However, with dozens of leading models entering the market every year, finding the right kegerator can be a difficult task especially if you are new to the concept.

In this article, we have reviewed the top seven best kegerators for you and also included some of the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Our Top 7 Picks

1. Edgestar KC1000SS Kegerator

Edgestar KC1000SS Kegerator

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The KC1000SS model is a fairly popular kegerator model. This compact sized unit fits a sixth barrel or a Cornelius keg and equips everything you need to store and dispense beer keg.

The unit has the capability of chilling your beer to as low as 32-degrees Fahrenheit without freezing them. Thanks to its internal circulation fan that helps keep the temperature even within the unit.

It’s sleek and modern design pairs perfectly with any room décor. The LED interior lighting also helps set the tone and provides a unique appearance to the unit.

What’s more, it comes with a spill tray that’s well placed under the tap to prevent occasional overflows from dripping on the floor. There is also an integrated lock system that helps keep your craft brew safe.

The only shortcoming with this unit is that it’s not compatible with casters. However, it’s a perfect choice if you only want to keep your beer cold and ready to drink.

2. Kegco Kegerator Keg Cooler Refrigerator

Kegco Kegerator Keg Cooler Refrigerator

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The Kegco kegerator is among one of the best kegerator with lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon.

Just like you’d expect from such a renowned brand, this kegerator comes with a large enough interior that can hold a full-size keg. The unit can also hold two-5-gallon D system kegs and three-5gallon Cornelius home brew kegs.

In addition, its versatile nature makes it easy for you to convert it into a regular refrigerator for extra storage. What’s more, this kit includes all the required equipment’s for serving a cold glass of beer.

Compared to other models, this keg cooler features the coldest temperature ranges thanks to its powerful cooling technology. There also a digital temperature display and push-button controls that makes it easy to set and monitor the temperature of the kegerator.

More features include an easy-to-clean and detachable drip tray, a chrome guardrail that helps prevent your beer glasses from falling off, and a deep chill function. The deep chill function lets you to quickly cool your beer by forcing the compressor to work continuously for up to 24 hours.

3. Kegco HBK209B-2 Keg Dispenser

Kegco HBK209B-2 Keg Dispenser

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This sleekly designed kegerator comes with some amazing features that you will love. First, it comes with a chrome tap that’s carefully engineered to ensure that your beer stays fresh for weeks.

Next up, the kegerator can accommodate a full-size keg or two five gallon kegs. Apart from that, it’s sleekly designed and built with stainless steel to ensure that it lasts for years without a scratch.

It also comes with a chrome rail that ensures that your beer glasses are safe.  There are also four rolling casters to ease mobility in case you want to enjoy your beer outdoors.

To ensure that you get your beer at the perfect temperature, the kegerator includes an adjustable temperature control system.

4. EdgeStar KC3000

EdgeStar KC3000

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If you’re looking for a beer cooler that delivers cold beer to you at the touch of a button, then this is the perfect unit for you.

This beer cooler is controlled by an electronic control panel that’s conveniently placed on the upper side. The panel allows you to adjust the temperature settings within a cooling range of between 32-50-degrees Fahrenheit, which is impressive for such a gigantic kegerator.

The deep chill mode lets you to quickly chill your keg. Once activated, the unit will remain in this mode for 24 hours, then shut-off automatically.

The unit also includes an aluminum plate that protects the floor while making it easier to switch the kegs. There are also caster wheels for mobility, a guard rail, a CO2 tank, drip tray, and finish options.

The unit also includes two shelves, and one stainless steel column draft tower that houses the keg lines and the chrome plated brass tap. What makes this unit unique, is its efficient cooling system and the large holding capacity.

5. EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

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EdgeStar KC2000 is another spectacular choice for most home drinkers. This full size kegerator features a huge stainless steel interior for a full size keg.

Along with this, the unit is capable of chilling your beer to ultra-low temperatures. It’s one of the few beer refrigerators with a potential of keeping your beer chilled at 30-degrees-Fahrenheit.

Besides having a spacious interior, this kegerator boasts a stylish, contemporary design with a black stainless steel door that pairs perfectly with your kitchen decor.

What’s more, it comes with a CO2 tank with an easy to read pressure gauge. This ensures that your beer is cooled evenly. Unlike other beer coolers, you can build this unit into a home bar or your kitchen cabinetry.

The unit also comes with detachable shelves where you can store your beverages such as wine, along with fruits, vegetables and other perishables. So you can use this unit both as a refrigerator and as a beer cooler.

6. Nostalgia KRS2100

Nostalgia KRS2100

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If you prefer to have a fresh draft beer at the comfort of your home, this beer cooling system is just the thing.  This model comes loaded with some great extras that will allow you to enjoy your beer.

First, this unit features a double tap system, an unfilled two-and-a-half-pound CO2 canister, one shelf, and casters that make this model highly portable.

At the top is the 13-inch beer tap tower, along with a drip tray guardrail for holding your drinking glasses. There’s also a drip tray that removes easily allowing for a quick cleanup.

When it comes to design, this single tap unit is very versatile and able to fit in most rooms of your home including the kitchen. What’s more it features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature between 30-40 degrees F.

The unit also adds a high quality keg coupler that attaches easily, allowing you to get the beer flowing quickly. There are also 4-rolling casters that provide easy kegerator mobility. Once rolled into position, the front two casters lock to keep the unit firmly in place.

Overall this unit is a good buy especially due to its low cost and numerous features. It’s an excellent first time kegerator purchase for those looking to have cold draft beer on tap at any particular time.

7. Krups B100 BeerTender

Krups Mini Keg Dispenser

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This Mini kegerator is an attractive way to bring the joys of craft beer to your guests. It also ensures that your drinks stay cool as you watch your favorite game on a Sunday.

What’s more interesting about it is that it features a well-balanced and sleek design and does a great job of dispensing ice cold brew from any 5-litre keg of Newcastle Brown Ale or Heineken.

What’s more, it’s easy to set up. And once it’s ready all you have to do is plug it and you’re ready to go. The unit comes with a peltier cooling system that ensures that your beer stays at a steady 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

To help you know when your beer has reached optimal temperature, there’s an LED indicator that turns Green. Amazingly, this unit can keep your beverage fresh for up to 30 days.

How to choose the best kegerator

If you’ve ever wanted to know what makes a great kegerator, here are some tips.

Number of taps

Typically, home kegerator draft towers come in quadruple, triple, double or single configurations. If your need for a kegerator is for a holiday party or a sports gathering, it’s only convenient to get a draft tower with a higher configuration.


Your kegerator’s door is the gateway to the chilled beer that’s waiting inside. When selecting your unit, consider stainless steel doors because they offer a much more classic look and blend well with most appliances.


Kegerators designed for residential use are normally topped with HDF or MDF wood. While this is okay for home environments, you’ll need to consider a sturdier material such as stainless steel if your kegerator is to be used in high traffic areas such as bars and restaurants.


The cooling system is the most vital component of a kegerator. Most decent commercial and home kegerators offer a variety of cooling features. Some of these features include temperature control system, auto-defrost, deep chilling, and tower fan.

Drip tray

When selecting a drip tray consider the material it’s made of. Most drip trays are made from stainless steel or plastic. When buying a kegerator, it’s much better to buy one that has stainless steel drip tray because it will obviously last longer than a plastic one.

Tap types

The most common types of taps that are used consists of a chrome plating. While these models are cheaper than stainless steel, they tend to chip and rust overtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kegerator?

This is a unit that dispenses your beer via a keg. So, you don’t have to deal with piles of messy bottles.

What are the different types of kegerators?

The most common type of kegerators include the mini-sized kegerators, full-sized kegerators, and the commercial kegerators.

Mini-sized kegerator

Mini-sized kegerators are self- pressurized and can sit on your countertop. The most amount of beer that this units can hold is about 5liters. They are quite affordable and compact and are a great choice for people who enjoy having draft beer once in a while.

Full-sized kegerators

Full-size kegerators on the other hand are for residential use, and are capable of holding a full-sized keg. These kegerators have casters for easy mobility. They come with a tank of pressurized CO2 and a coupler that dispenses the beer to the tap. Unlike the mini kegerators, the full-sized kegerators can be built into your kitchen counter or left freestanding. They offer a wide range of beer selections.

Commercial kegerators

As the name suggests, commercial kegerators are designed for commercial use. You’ll most likely find them in bars or restaurants. They are quite large with more features and of course a bit more expensive than the full-sized kegerator.

How long does the beer in kegs stay fresh?

Typically you can expect it to last for around 30 days without losing its flavor.

What’s is the difference between Kegs?

The type of kegerator is determined by the size of the keg you want. There are different types of kegs.

  • Cornelius keg: Also known as the soda keg, this cake stall and has a capacity of 5 gallons. This means that it gives 40 pints of beer per keg.
  • Half barrel keg: This is also known as a full size keg. It has a capacity of 15.5 gallons of brew. This means that you can get up to 124 pints of beer for each keg.
  • Quarter barrel: This half size keg is also referred to as the Pony keg. It has a capacity of 7.75 gallons and can give up to 62 pints of beer per keg.
  • Sixth barrel keg: Commonly known as the Sixtel, this keg has a capacity of 5.16 gallons and yields up to 41 pints of beer. This type of keg is common with those who own double tap kegerators.

Should I clean a Kegerator?

Yes! It’s important that you keep your beer line clean and free from any bacterial, mold or yeast build-up. You can find many kegerator cleaning kits on the market today.

Wrapping up

The main point of having a kegerator is to extend the life of your beer. These unit’s give you the satisfaction of sipping chilled beer in the comfort of your home at any time of day or night.

And since there are many different kinds and sizes of kegerators, having the relevant knowledge of which is best for you can save you hundreds of dollars.

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision as you take the next purchasing decision.

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