Best Photo Light Boxes

Are you fascinated by the flawless backgrounds seen on product pictures displayed in most eCommerce retail sites?

They have perfect illumination with accurate colors and reflection. However, to have all this, you need to have the best photo light box.

At the most basic, the photo light box is an enclosed tent or box with a colored or white background and bright light setups that helps you take the most ideal shots for your products.

Controlling your photo lighting and background using the photo light box ensures you have greater results with a professional and attractive look that allures.

In this article, we will review the top 7 best photo light boxes and some of the factors you should keep in mind when investing in one.

Our Top 7 Picks

1. MyStudio PS5 Lightbox

MyStudio PS5 Lightbox

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MyStudio PS5 Lightbox prides in being a portable device that works perfectly in a small photo studio.

What’s most interesting about the PS5 is its versatility. This light box makes it easy to shoot objects from above by fiddling its structure. This is made possible by detaching the light assembly from its white plastic and sliding it in a forward motion for a broader perspective.

PS5 is 24inches full with a flexible white background that engulfs the product hence producing a seamless backdrop for the photos.

Additionally, its 5000k fluorescent light gives a more magnificent color to any subject without having to use other fixtures or flash, thus providing a balanced tone to images.

Keep in mind that PS5 works well with the volt light fixtures of 100/120 to produce fresh, soft, and accurate fluorescent lighting for your subject. PS5 Lightbox acts as your daily companion for perfect photo production.

2. Gordon and Bond Brightbox

Gordon and Bond Brightbox

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The Gordon and Bond Brightbox brings your photography shooting to a top-notch level and is quite budget-friendly.

It’s compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for you to move around without having lots of hassle. This makes it an excellent photo light box for smaller areas. Moreover, it has the white and black backdrop that guarantees you professional clear and sharp photos.

It has a durable body made from high-quality and waterproof polypropylene materials.   The waterproof body guarantees that you can make your shoots even when it’s raining. Additionally, it’s easy to set up since it comes with all the needed fittings to do your work professionally. You can easily connect it to your laptop using the Micro USB cable.

The package also includes a free photography eBook guide with details on how to fast set up the mini photo studio. With this light box, you can bring your creativity to a whole new level.

3. Foldio 3

Foldio 3

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When it comes to elegance, then Foldio does it better.  This light box comes with a portable and unique design that’s eye-catching. It also works with tablets, smartphones, compact cameras, and DSLRs.

Like you’d expect with such a well rated product, the Foldio-3 prides in being an all-in-one Lightbox with light, power, and backdrops that helps you shoot professional looking photos without the need for skills.

The portable and unique design enables you to fold it down to a 1″ thickness and carry it comfortably using its convenient handle. Additionally, it has a magnetic structure that enables you to assemble and disassemble it in seconds giving it a sturdy shape for extensive use.

To enjoy a transparent background with no reflection, all you have to do is attach the Foldio3 backdrop at the bottom of the box and then unroll it up so you can fix it at the top.

Additionally, you can use the Halo Bar alongside the leading lights to give your photos a better lighting. All you have to do is attach the Halo Bar on the sides or at the side according to your preferred styles and need.

Other features you’ll enjoy include an in-built triple LED diffuser that helps reduce shadows and a dimming controller that helps in controlling the lights.

4. AmazonBasics Portable Photo-Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Photo-Studio

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The AmazonBasics is another light box that makes photography easier for both amateurs and professionals.

The AmazonBasics brings out the best ability to shoot incredible and quality photos from any locations. It comes with a front facing three-door system that enables you takes images in different angles without any reflection.

The top opening works best when shooting from above. Along with this, the AmazonBasics uses high-output integrated LED system that makes it easy to take perfect shots regardless of whether you are using a camera or a smartphone.

The LEDs provides a satisfactory temperature balance of 5600k with a high colour rendering Index for consistent colour. It’s also designed with a durable and strong fabric for an extended lifespan and protection for daily use.

The best part about the AmazonBasics is its compatibility with the Amazon Seller app enabling that lets you to shoot your objects, edit, and also upload it straight to Amazon. If you own an e-commerce website then the AmazonBasics is the best light box for you.

5. The LimoStudio GG349

The LimoStudio GG349

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Manufactured by the renowned LimoStudio, this lightbox makes your photographing experience epic and pleasurable.

It features mini stand tripod, cell phone clip holder, photo shooting tent, backdrops color of 16inch cubic, two tabletops of LED lights.

Simply put, the LimoStudio GG349 has everything you need to shoot amazing images within seconds.

It has a white backdrop that allows photo shooting with soft light and natural balance hence reducing the contrast between the shades and the hot-spots. This helps in making your images more unique.

The LimoStudio LEDs generates 5500 color balance and brightness of up to 600 lumens giving you professional photos.  Moreover, you can easily adjust your camera stand to a higher height of around 8 inches to capture images in various angles. And the cell phone clip holder works perfectly well with any Smartphone.

The steady tripod enhances your picture taking skills further by allowing you to take stable and well-aimed shots from different angles. What’s more, the table top LED lighting stand enables you to move the light source with easiness.

For a more diverse effect when shooting your objects, the LimoStudio GG349 stands out.

6. Travor 1800LM-16″ Photo Light Box

Travor 1800LM Photo Light Box

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The Travor 1800LM meets the actual photography needs for online sellers, shutterbugs, and photographers.

It’s ideal for producing the best night photos with its multi-colour backdrop and colour filters. The six pieces filters and the four-color background helps to soften the light and change the appearance of the item.

Moreover, it has a foldable and portable design that allows you to move with it everywhere. Its compact design means it allows you to save on space and it’s also compression resistant for secure storage and setup.

The lightbox works best when shooting medium and small-sized products like food, watches, jewellery, glasses, and many more. It has 2 LED table tops lightings with a stable tripod that allows you to position and rotate the light at different angles.

The 1800lm makes it super bright and is thus able to provide adequate lighting for higher quality photos. Additionally, the LED has a high Color Rendering Index for more vivid and natural shooting effects.

Further, the stable phone camera tripods structure provides a more permanent way to support your camera and smartphone both horizontally and vertically. The phone holder works perfectly with any Smartphone within a width of 2-3.2inches allowing you to take different quality pictures on various backgrounds.

7. ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

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If you are looking for a light box that offers different color background options and excellent functionality, then ESDDI photo studio is worth a shot.

Designed for beginners, this lightweight and portable light box offers all the features you’d need to shoot smashing product photos.

It comes with 120 LED lamps that can easily be adjusted to achieve the desired level of brightness without flicker and distortion.

The LED lamps have a colour temperature of 5500k and give 26100 lumens. This ensures that you get the most appealing photos while the 26100 lumens brightness provides enough lightning source for professional shooting. You can also use the four different background colours to set-up different shooting effects.

What’s more, this photo light box is lined with a silver-film reflective fabric on the inside. This is a great addition and ensures that there is no vignetting. It also boosts light evenness.

Another great perk with the ESDDI is its flexible nature when it comes to shooting angles. This is presented by the multiple openings that let you select your desired shooting positions.

The ESDDI is also user-friendly and features a robust construction that folds into itself. Assembling the light box is also easy thanks to its hoop and loop design that lets you set it up in a breeze.

Overall, the ESDDI Photo Studio give you get a great product at a great price. It’s surely worth a pick.

How to pick the best photo light box

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a photo light box.


Light boxes come in different sizes. There have small models that can accommodate small products and big models that are significantly larger and can fit bigger objects. The smaller models are more affordable and portable.

Easiness to Assemble/disassembly

The ability to assemble and dissemble a lightbox plays a crucial role in choosing the ideal light box for your photos studio. This also applies to the amount of time taken to unpack the light box and pack it after use. Look for a Lightbox that doesn’t require any tools to assemble and disassemble it.

Shooting Angles

Some of the mini lightbox have open front panel while others have closed sides with small openings enough to fit the camera lens. Regardless of the model, you prefer, it’s vital to go for one that offers different shooting angles. The more openings the lightbox has the more shooting angles it provides. Buy one with both top and front openings.

The Lightning

The idea of buying a photo lightbox is to have an excellent and controlled lighting that enables you to produce the most exceptional shots. You want a well-balanced and brighter lightning, and you can choose between CFL and LED.

Light boxes with LED lightings come with more colorful effects than the CFL models since they have a high luminous efficiency. Along with this, consider the colour temperature. The higher the lightbox color temperature, the better shots it provides.

Lastly, consider the construction material of your box. A good light box should have a reflective interior for proper diffusion of the light rays. Check out for a light box with a built-in diffuser.

Foldable Design

Most photo light boxes have a collapsible design that makes it easy to fold it away for safer storage inside your studio. A foldable light box helps save on space, and you can easily carry it anywhere. Ensure you have the instructions on how to fold back the lightbox to avoid problems when trying to fold it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Photo Light Box?

The lightbox, also known as the light photography tent helps create a background by removing unwanted color while capturing high-quality and well illuminated images. Keep in mind that professional and high-quality photos give your clients an excellent first impression that dives in more revenue.

How long should someone take to set up a photo lightbox?

The perfect photo lightbox should take seconds to set up. The first step should be setting the light tent on any flat table surface, then arrange the lights and set up the camera. It’s advisable to use a tripod for better camera stability.

How much does a lightbox kit cost?

The cost of your photography lightbox kit depends on your budget, function, and brand. Check on different online stores for the best price that fits your budget and accommodates your photography needs. Also, consider the size and tent before making your purchase.

Are all lightbox easy to carry?

Light boxes come in different designs. The smaller sizes are ideal since they can fit in any space, and most come with a unique briefcase shape that makes them comfortable and light to carry.

Do I need to be a professional to use photo lightbox?

No, you don’t! Any person can start using lightbox immediately after purchase since you don’t require experience and knowledge in photography. Different brands of the lightbox come with instructions on how to set up and professionally take pictures. Just follow the given instructions, and you get the best results.

Wrapping up

The market has various brands and types of photo lightbox ideal for both amateur and professional photographer.  Whether you have a flexible or small budget, the above reviews will guide you to make the best purchase that gives you value and success.

Keep in mind that having a photo lightbox helps you to get the perfect image for your online shop, blogs, and other online related works. And it acts as a recipe for increased revenue.

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