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Working or studying at night is something some individuals can’t do without. Avid readers and those that always need to meet deadlines are always in need of light when it becomes dark. Cloudy weather can also create a need for a light source in some workplaces. In the past, traditional desk lamps that use electric power source was used by many for lighting in such situations described above. Asides from the fact that these lamps were grossly inadequate in terms of convenience, some may cause damage to the eye. With advances in technology, USB LED lights are now commonly used by people that need to light up their work desk or book pages.

USB LED lights are designed to make reading, working with a laptop, practicing on the keyboard, and similar activities at night easier. Unlike traditional desk lamps, these little lights do not take up space in the work desk. LED lights are also considered eye-friendly, so there is no chance of these devices causing any kind of damage to the eyes. The fact that they are powered via USB is another major reason they are considered far better than conventional lights: they can be used on a laptop, power bank, USB charger, and other devices. Due to their ergonomic design, these lights can be used almost anywhere.

Our Top 7 Picks

It is always difficult to sort through the different available models which is why we try to make things easier for intending buyers. Here are the top seven USB LED lights available on the market today:

1. i2 USB Reading Lamp

i2 USB Reading Lamp with 14 LEDs Dimmable Touch Switch

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This little light looks so simple but it is very powerful. It is a perfect choice for those that want versatility in a little USB powered light. It can be used for studying, work, travel, and recreation. It is well designed in a simplistic manner. It features a perfectly flexible gooseneck arm that can be adjusted just how you desire in order to focus the light right where you need it. It is lightweight and portable too.

The i2 USB Reading Lamp features 14 extra bright and long-lasting LED bulbs. The brightness of the lights is also adjustable, letting you set it just how you need it on any particular occasion. It doesn’t require any battery: just plug into a compatible USB port (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0) in PCs and Macs. It also has a quick touch light switch, which means you can switch it off while it is still plugged in.

2. Lumiens Astoria LED Book Reading Light

Lumiens Astoria Book Reading Light Clip on LED Lamp

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This is absolutely the perfect choice for readers, musicians, crafters and hobbyists that work into the night. It has all the important features to make working in a dark place easier. It is also very convenient to use, thanks to its amazing design. It features a special clip that allows it to be fixed to any surface with a width of up to 1.75 inches. It will fit perfectly on reading/work tables, craft tables, DJ’s desk, mixing tables, orchestra pits, pianos, and music stands. There is also the silicone pad that protects the gripped surface against any kind of damage.

The Optical Grade lens of the lamp provides evenly distributed light with no hotspots. It also offers 6 levels of brightness, letting you choose the perfect one for any occasion. There is a flexible arm that will move just how you want it and let you focus the light right where you want it. Unlike most other USB lamps, the Lumiens Astoria needs a battery too. You can connect it via USB to a laptop, power bank, or other power sources, but 3 AAA batteries (included) are required. After full charging, these batteries can offer 20 hours of continuous use.

3. Daffodil USB 8 Super Bright LED Reading Lamp

Daffodil USB LED Light

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This is a great choice for those that work with laptops at night: it will let you light up your keyword and use it anywhere without any serious strain on the battery. It will also focus the light right where you need it so that you don’t disturb others as you work or study: the flexible gooseneck can be moved just how you desire. You can also use it for any task, as long as you have a USB port to plug it in. It works with any device with an extra USB port, including power banks.

Daffodil USB LEB Light is super bright with 8 long-life LED builds that will provide up to 80,000 hours of illumination. Once you take good care of the little device, you can use it for years. The only issue is that it doesn’t have an ON/OFF switch: once it is plugged in, it shines until it is removed. It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day cash-back guarantee if you feel it is not suitable for you.

4. i2 USB Flexible Gooseneck Reading Lamp

. i2 USB Reading Lamp with 2 LED lights and Flexible Gooseneck

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A simple and affordable USB LED light, this is an incredible choice for those that need a little reading light now and then. With its minimalist design, it is easy to use anytime and anywhere. It will be helpful for studying, work, and even during a little recreational activity of travel. It is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. It is better to use it with USB host-devices.

The i2 USB Reading Lamp features 2 extra bright LED bulbs that are long-lasting. It has an adjustable brightness setting to let you set it at any level that is ideal for any occasion. There is also a touch-sensitive switch that gives three options: ON for 1 light; ON for 2 lights; and OFF. The flexible gooseneck arm will let you focus the light just where you need it.

5. Mudder USB Flexible Stick Touch Switch LED White Light Lamp

Mudder Portable USB Flexible Stick Dimmable Touch Switch LED White Light Lamp

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This little stick has several features that bigger and more expensive USB lights lack. It is a perfect little light for your laptop that can also be used in different settings. It is easy to use; you just need to plug it into a compatible USB port and adjust the flexible neck that measures about 10 inches until it perfectly shines on where you need the light. It is equipped with a touch switch. It also offers adjustable brightness; by long-pressing the ON/OFF sensor, you will be able to adjust the brightness to a level that is ideal for any occasion.

This little USB LED stick features 10 pieces of white LED lights that can conveniently illuminate different settings, including the interior of a camping tent. Once you have the right device to plug it into, you can be sure that the little light will help you see properly as you work or study in a dark environment.

6. Ikea LED USB Lamp

Ikea LED USB Lamp

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This ranks among the very best USB LED lights, thanks to its simple design and versatility. It is well-built with the right materials for durability. The Optical lens is Acrylic; the Reflector is made of ABS plastic, and the Arm is made of steel. The arm is perfectly adjustable, letting you direct the light to the exact place you want it to shine on. It outputs warm white (2700K) light.

Like other LED lights, this little device will consume just about 15% of the energy an incandescent bulb will consume. This means you should be relaxed about using this light as it will not drain the battery of your laptop or power bank easily. It has an LED life of up to 20,000 hours and Luminous flux is 10 Lumen. When used the right way, this lamp will be very durable. Maintaining it is also very easy; just wipe clean with a damp clean cloth.

7. EBYPHAN 8 pcs Mini USB LED Light Lamp

EBYPHAN 8 pcs Mini USB LED Light Lamp

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This is a very special offer. You will get 8 pieces of mini USB LED light at an affordable price. It is a great option for people who are keen on protecting their eyes while using their laptops in a poorly lit environment. They are eye-caring lights. They can also be connected to power banks and other devices that have USB ports to light up different places as desired. From traveling to outdoor camping, emergency lighting and other similar occasions, these little lights can be incredibly helpful.

This valuable package comes with 8 of these little wonders in different colors (black, red, orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, and white). The LED beads are made of have big advantages of bright lighting, energy-saving, and long lifespan. The little lights have flexible gooseneck design that makes them easy to adjust appropriately. Due to their design, carrying these lights is so easy. They are made with environmentally friendly silicone and metal: they are perfectly safe to use.

How to choose the best USB LED light

With so many manufacturers releasing different versions of USB LED lights every year, it is a lot more difficult for people to know the right one to buy. Poring over the different options to determine the right one to buy can be very tiresome which is why guides like this exist. We have done the bulk of the work for you so that you can easily choose from the best available options out there.

Factors to consider when choosing a USB LED light

Though we have reviewed the best 7 USB LED lights you can buy at the moment, it is still important that you understand how to make an informed selection. Here are the major factors you need to consider when choosing a USB LED light:

Your Specific Need

When you know the specific uses you are going to put your USB LED light into, you will be in a better position to make the right choice. There are some that are good for certain tasks and will suck when used on other occasions. Check to ensure that the product you intend to buy can serve your specific needs.

Build Quality

Though USB LED lights are generally affordable, it is still important that you consider the quality of whatever you intend to buy. You need an LED light that will be able to stand the test of time. The materials used to construct the light and the design should all matter to you.

Adjustable Brightness

There are several USB LED lights that do not offer you the option to adjust the brightness as you wish. You will be better off with the models that let you control the brightness of the light. This will give you full control and make the gadget useful in different settings.

Flexible Neck

You also need a USB LED light that lets you adjust the body and position the LEDs just where you need them. This will help you to obtain proper illumination of the area you need to be illuminated. Most modern lights have goosenecks which allow you to adjust the light just how you want and focus it where you need it most.

Frequently asked Questions

What is so special about LED lights?

LEDs are considered the best light for night vision. They offer so many advantages over normal bulbs such as energy-efficiency, long lifespan, and better light output. They are also very safe to use.

Do USB LED lights require batteries?

Generally, USB LED lights do not require any battery to function. Once they are plugged into a compatible USB port of the right device, they will start working. There are variants of battery-powered lamps that can be considered as USB LED lights, however.

Do USB LED lights work on all kinds of USB ports?

USB ports differ in different devices. While it is expected that your light will be compatible with most USB-enabled devices, it is possible that they may not be compatible with some devices. It is not feasible, for instance, to use the lights with a printer that has free USB ports.

Will a USB LED light drain the battery of a laptop fast?

USB LED lights are generally energy-efficient. They consume very little energy and will hardly have any meaningful impact on the battery life of your PC, MAC, or other supporting devices.

Wrapping up

USB LED lights are great for so many reasons. They are the perfect little lights to turn to when you need to work or study in a dark environment or during nighttime. They are generally efficient and convenient to use. The fact that they can work with different kinds of devices means they are highly portable and versatile. They are also generally affordable. Many have some great features that make using them easier and more fun. To make it easier for you to buy the right USB LED light from the numerous available options, we have extensively researched to pick the best products, considering the factors that matter most. The products featured here also have several positive reviews from people that are already using them. You can buy with confidence.

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