What to look for when buying a laptop

While there have been lots of improvements and advances in the computing world, the laptop has remained the most essential device in the digital world. With several other devices entering the space, laptops have managed to remain the center of most digital lives. This is basically because they are compact enough to be carried about, yet versatile enough to run demanding applications.

To say there is a wide variety of laptops to choose from is an understatement. With so many companies releasing brands and updated versions of laptops regularly, choosing one can be a very tough decision. In fact, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to buy laptops and you need to approach the process carefully if you need a laptop that will give you the performance you need.

The most important things to look for in a laptop

There are different specifications and features that determine the performance of any given laptop. If you want the best for your specific need, here are the most important things to look for:

1. A Lightweight Device

lightweight laptop

Laptops are generally designed to make it possible for people to have enough computing power and functionalities even as they travel. This places size and weight among the most important considerations to make. You need a device that performs optimally, yet portable enough to be carried about with ease. Ultrabooks are considered to be the cutting edge of laptop design as they are slim, lightweight, and impressively portable. No matter how often you will need to travel with your laptop, a powerful lightweight laptop is always desirable.

2. Good Battery Rating

laptop battery rating

Long battery life is another important thing to look for: it is especially important if you are the type of professional that is always on the go. It is also an important factor to consider if steady power/electricity is not reliable in the area you live or work. With a laptop that has good battery rating, you will be able to enjoy extended battery life, which is important when you are not close to any source of power. Laptop batteries are mostly rated in milliamp-hours (mAh) or Watt-hours (Wh). Ideally, the higher the number, the longer the battery of your laptop can last.

3. A Quality Keyboard

best laptop keyboard

Another factor that matters so much when it comes to using the laptop is the keyboard quality. The keyboard should be made of the right materials and strong enough to stand the test of time and frequent usage. It is also important that you consider how comfortable the keyboard is to work with. It should have a comfortable layout with full-size keys that are easy to recognize and use. The keys shouldn’t be too numerous or arranged too closely as that can affect user experience. A good quality keyboard will let you accomplish long typing sessions without fatigue. You should also consider keyboards that are backlit so that you will find it easy to work in poorly lit environments.

4. The Right Screen Size and Resolution

laptop screen display

The screen is another important aspect of the laptop you need to pay serious attention to. Since you are going to spend several hours looking at the screen, it has to be of top quality for comfort and safety of your eyes. The size of the screen and the resolution are the factors to consider here. Depending on what you need the laptop for and personal taste, you can choose a device with the right screen size. 15-inch (38-centimeter) and 17-inch (43-centimeter) screens are quite common. Laptops with smaller screens may not be ideal for entertainment purposes. The resolution is the number of pixels contained in the display. Ideally, the bigger the number, the better the quality of images you will get. 1920 x 1080 screens are considered the best.

5. The Processor and Graphics

laptop processor graphics card

The processing unit of a computer determines how efficiently it will run the programs and other things you need it to run. The speed of completing tasks and the ability to multi-task will largely depend on the CPU. Intel’s core-based CPUs are considered the best for windows-based laptops. Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 offer great performance. If you need the very best in processor technology, you should consider Intel core i8 or core i9 as they guarantee incredible performance. Dual-core processors are good but Quad-core chips are great. The graphic processor (GPU) need to be considered when you need to use your laptop to play HD video and run games. If you need a laptop for playing games, you should look for a laptop with dedicated graphics chips.

6. The Right Storage and Memory

laptop storage and memory

The memory space of a laptop computer is another major determinant of performance. The operating system and every other piece of software you will run on a computer will store data in the Random Access Memory (RAM) to function. The amount of data the RAM can store at a time will determine how smoothly your laptop will run the programs you need. While 4GB of memory is okay, it will be better to have 8GB RAM. For a laptop that will be used for a lot of photo and video editing, 16GB RAM will be more ideal. For storage, many people prefer to store their files in the cloud. If you intend to keep a lot of files on your laptop, look for a device with adequate storage. If you need more than 123GB of storage, consider a laptop with a traditional hard drive that can offer 500GB or even 1TB. Many people, however, prefer SSD over traditional HDD storage. This is principally because SSD storage is much faster than HDD storage. They are also smaller and will take up less space in a PC case. Though they are generally more expensive, the advantages they offer are enormous.

7. Connectivity

usb connectivity technologies

You will definitely need a laptop you can connect with other devices for complete digital experience. This means you will need to look for connectivity features before making a purchase. The laptop should have different ports especially the updated USB 3.1 which deliver faster transfer speed. Other connectivity options to look for include HDMI, SD card slot, Ethernet port, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

8. Security Features

laptop fingerprint scanner

You will probably have lots of personal information on your laptop and there is a need to keep them properly secured. Most manufacturers of laptops include advanced security features that will help keep your information safe and inaccessible to unauthorized users. From fingerprint scanners to Kensington security slots, make sure you buy a device with adequate security features.

9. Good Price Range

laptop price range

Price is another important thing to consider when buying a laptop. Top-quality laptops are not cheap. The price of any computer must be justified by its specifications and features. Depending on the features you need, look for a laptop within a reasonable price range. You should draw a budget and stick to it too, to avoid buyer’s regret.

10. Warranty

laptop warranty

Warranty is very important for consumer electronics including laptops. All reputable companies offer warranties on their products and you should study it carefully as duration and terms differ considerably. Warranty normally indicate standard and quality and will also be some sort of security for your investment/purchase.

Wrapping up

With new laptops being launched regularly, it is becoming more and more difficult to shop. While there are lots of incredible options to consider, choosing one can be very tough. The points discussed above are the most important things to look for and you should also research a particular product thoroughly before placing an order for it.

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