What to look for when choosing the best angle grinder

Angle grinders are among the most versatile machines out there. Depending on the accessory attached to them, these power tools can be used for a variety of tasks in workshops by all kinds of craftsmen as well as in homes by DIY enthusiasts. They feature adaptable accessory mounting systems that can accommodate cutting discs, grinding discs, wire brushes, and many others. The accessories come in a multitude of types and configurations and choosing the right one will let users perform just about any task with ease.

Things to look for when choosing the best angle grinder

Just like other tools, angle grinders are not all made equal. With several available options on the market, it can be very difficult even for regular buyers to find the right angle grinder to purchase at any time. Homeowners who are hoping to buy for the first time will be overwhelmed at the number of available options and their varying specifications. Here, however, we will briefly discuss the most important things to look for when choosing the best angle grinder:

1. Comfortable Weight

lightweight angle grinder

The weight of power tools is one of the most important features to consider when choosing one. Depending on the type of angle grinder you want to buy, you will find products of different weight category. While the size influences the weight significantly, some products are well designed to be lightweight. Make sure the weight is something you can handle comfortably or look for a lighter angle grinder. This doesn’t mean you should go for the lightest grinder when you hope to use it for serious tasks.

2. The Right Disc Size

angle grinder disc size

The size of the disc is another important factor that will influence the amount of work an angle grinder can handle and how comfortable it will feel in the hand of the user. Ideally, the bigger disc size means that the motor of the tool is more powerful. For smaller jobs that require precision, grinders with smaller disc size are better. When you know the kind of tasks you will handle with the machine, choose a grinder with a disc of the right size.

3. The Right Power Source

angle grinder power source

There are three major ways angle grinders can be powered: electricity, petrol, and compressed air. Each of these power options has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how you work and what you consider more important, choose an angle grinder with the right power source.

4. Correct Motor Power


Motor power is variously expressed as voltage, wattage, and amp rating. They vary widely between angle grinders and normally determines the kind of tasks you can complete with each power tool. It is generally recommended that you buy power tools with a power rating from 110 to 230 volts AC, and the wattage range from 500 to 2500 watts. The amp rating of the machine should be anything between 4 and 15 amps. While professionals that handle serious tasks will require heavy-duty angle grinders, homeowners can accomplish most tasks with tools with lower power ratings.

5. Good Speed Rating

A good speed rating is another important factor to consider when choosing the best angle grinder for different kinds of jobs. With the right speed rating, you will be able to complete most tasks quickly and efficiently. Generally, an angle grinder that makes around 5,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute will be ideal to perform several tasks including cutting, grinding, and sanding. Using very high-speed grinders can be a little dangerous if you are not versatile with the machine.


6. Variable Speed

The ability to operate an angle grinder at different speeds is an important feature you should look for when choosing the best option. This is not a very common feature and you should appreciate it if you find a machine that offers it. It will help you to perform all kinds of function with the machine with less risk.

7. Great Handle


An adjustable side handle is another important feature to look for in an angle grinder as it will let you use both hands when operating the machine. The handle of your angle grinder should also be as comfortable as possible since it is the part of the machine you will hold for the duration of the tasks you will handle. There are great handles that have anti-vibration features. This makes it easier and more comfortable to use the machine for hours without fatigue. It will also help you to control the machine better during operations.

8. A Versatile Power Tool


Angle grinders are generally versatile power tools. There are features, however, that enhances versatility and you should look for them in any model you are considering. The device should allow for easy interchange of discs and other accessories. You should study the packaging and usage guides to make sure that the machine you want to buy supports the various accessories you will need to perform the tasks you hope to perform with it.

9. Soft Start

Soft start is one of the most important safety features of the angle grinder and you need to make sure you have it in the machine you want to buy. It takes care of the recoil from the powerful motor that can cause the tool to jerk in the operator’s hands while starting it. It will improve comfort and help the user to work safely at all times. Most large angle grinders have this feature so you need to pay more attention when you want to buy a small model.

10. Good Price and Warranty

Price is another important factor to consider when choosing an angle grinder. Just like other tools, their quality differs significantly and this reflects on pricing. Different manufacturers also price their products differently and you need to consider important features and determine if the price of any given product is justifiable by the features. It will be better to decide on a budget and look for a nice angle grinder in the price range. You should also consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the product.

11. Security Features


One of the most important security features to look for in an angle grinder is Adjustable Guard. This is a feature that will protect you from the sparks and debris that results from using the machine. There are other important safety features including restart protection, rapid action brakes, drop protection, kickback protection and more.

Wrapping Up

With lots of angle grinders from some of the industry giants available on the market, choosing the best options can be very difficult for intending buyers. By looking for the different specs and features discussed here, you will be able to choose a top-quality angle grinder that will be adequately valuable to you.

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